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Creappetit creates custom-made frozen pastry & desserts. Fully customized by you.

Burned to perfection!

Basque Burned Cheesecake

Inspired by the famous recipe from San Sebastian
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Product Development

Bespoke Products are our core business

Creappetit is known and respected for its ability to formulate and produce custom made products adapted to the specific requires of our valued clientele. The key to our success lies in our flexibility to customize a solution to meet the local needs. This process is built upon offering our clients the highest possible level of service and bringing new products to production often before our competition can provide initial samples.

Staying ahead of the times

Our team is constantly updating our products to be at the forefront of the market. We work just as closely with our raw material suppliers as we do our clients to assure we can fulfill any request. The general trend of our development is to continue to make our products as sustainable as possible as well as minimizing the use of additives to keep our recipes as traditional and as clean label as possible.

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Specialized Production

Each of our production sites is specialized in certain product categories. We leverage the specialties of each site to bring the best products possible to market. However, each site is not only specialized in a particular format of products but also in the amount of automation in the factory. In this way, we can successfully produce products that are not only hand finished but also products that are designed to meet the price and volume targets of even large multinational clients.

Investment in the Future

As our production sites are only focused on producing this allows them to maximize the efficiency of each process. We are always looking towards the future to offer our clients the maximum flexibility and ability to fulfill whatever their desire may be.

One of the largest assortments of
frozen desserts on the market

We have currently produced over 300 products across several productions sites, each of which is specialized in a certain category of products. To give you a good impression of our overall range we have listed the different categories that we produce.

Product Categories

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