Basque Burned Cheesecake – Burned to perfection!

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Inspired by the famous recipe from
San Sebastian!

Forget the original cheesecake because the Basque burned cheesecake is a whole different experience. The Basque Burned Cheesecake does not have a crust and is baked shorter at a higher temperature. That is why the texture of the cheesecake is light and airy but also rich and silky. The Basque Burned Cheesecake is the example of a perfectly balanced dessert!

This very special cheesecake is inspired by the story of a Spanish chef in San Sebastian. He developed the recipe for the cheesecake in his restaurant in 1990. The Basque Burned cheesecake is now famous all over the world, especially in Arabic countries.

The Basque Burned Cheesecake is also available with a swirl of raspberry filling which gives the cheesecake a fresh touch. The freshness of the raspberries complements the rich and creamy cheesecake filling.

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