Creappetit Market


Why choose Creappetit

We can tailor our recipes to suit the cultural needs of markets. The Bakery sector is dynamic and ever-changing. Our clientele demand products that are flexible, offer a high value to money ratio while still adhering to the latest trends. Our team is constantly adapting our product line and developing new solutions to satisfy these evolving demands.

How we work

Your wish, our challenge. Creappetit is active throughout Europe and in several other countries outside Europe too. This has given us the in-depth knowledge and experience that has made us the organisation we are today. We are an organisation that does what it promises to do: produce products that your market needs. Not only in the form of customised goods, but also alternative solutions – developed on the basis of our knowledge of other segments - that help you to make the right choice. Short and clear lines of communication are essential to successful product development and it is important to have as much information as possible. Direct communication with our specialists is even better still. The services of our professional R&D Department are at your disposal; it makes sense to use them!

Let’s create your delicious wishes together