Snacking pushes away the old tradition

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Snacking (sweet and savory) conquers the market and pushes away the old tradition

It is clear that the way of eating of the past (breakfast-lunch-diner) is over. The whole day eating small dishes is now the trend. People are snacking more and more, in particular people until 35 years but also at a later age, in lesser extent.

The snack has to be easy to eat, have the right taste, the correct size and needs to be as natural as possible.

Creappetit will follow this trend. We, as R & D department, together with our partners, are developing an assortment of new snacking products which we will launch very soon. Not only in sweet. After 28 years of the existence of Creappetit, for the first time, we will introduce a savory snacking line. Two large professional companies, specialized in snacking savory products have joined Creappetit to make this happen.

Very soon we will  introduce our new partners en will be pleased to present you our snacking products.

Michel & Stefan (responsable R & D) 

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