Will French Pastry losing its number one position?

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French Pastry is the most prestigious pastry in the world. Losing the flexibility and speed to develop new desserts can affect the number one position.

Ever-growing bakeries are losing their flexibility and speed to develop new desserts. The costs and the large quantities that have to be produced plays an important role. Big bakeries and investment groups take over smaller bakeries.

The result is that these big bakeries needs a lot of time ( between 12 and 14 weeks) to develop a new product. To bring this new product into the market they need big quantities to put it into the enormous production-lines. This means that a big part of the market has the same products. Seasonal products will disappear. Therefore you need more flexibility, speed and the possibility to produce smaller quantities. The main interest of investment groups is to make the bakeries as profitable as possible to sell it.

In this new society the people want to discover new desserts every time. The chains, stores, restaurants etc.  need differentiation in their products.

When the bakeries are only looking to the profit, France will lose the creativity .  To keep the number one position it is essential to be creative and to innovate. In a big group of bakeries you may never forget the little thinking.

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Creappetit is the center of several bakeries. Big bakeries but also small ones (to be able to produce smaller quantities).  All the departments are in one building. Disconnecting the production sites from  the office it  gives the company a  lot more flexibility. The office is not affected by the daily business of the production site. The production sites give Creappetit full competence in the decisions.

To develop new desserts, also for only one or two productions in a season is Welkom in our organization. Our R& D use their knowledge from other countries to develop new desserts which we present continuedly.

Creappetit has to be big enough to for fill the needs of the market, but to stay small not to lose the creativity, flexibility, speed and service.

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